Why Give?

Independent Schools, including CWA, have always relied upon the loyalty and generosity of parents, grandparents, alumni, families of alumni, and community partners to ensure our ability to inspire active, joyful learning. 

Academic and extracurricular costs incurred that are not fully covered by the cost of tuition, including CWA’s excellent visual and performing arts classes and athletics programming. Your generosity is needed to help uphold the high-quality education, programming, facilities, and traditions at CWA you expect. 

Additionally, Charles Wright Academy grants more than $3 million in financial aid every year, with approximately 35% of CWA students receiving financial aid. Your gifts help keep the school affordable to a broader range of students, bringing all children the many benefits of social and economic diversity in the classroom. 

Giving a meaningful gift, no matter the size, is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission.

Give Today

Your support of the Annual Fund energizes our longstanding traditions in the classroom and beyond, and continues to equip CWA to be a leader, innovator, and center of excellence in education.

Nicole Stice, P '24, '27, & '29

During the 2020-2021 school year, 75% of enrolled families made a gift to CWA, helping make all students’ education an exceptional experience. Read more about the impact and importance of your gifts of time, talent, and other resources.

Every class is dynamic and different, and because it’s such a collaborative environment, I can’t help but soak up the enthusiasm and respond to the spontaneity of the students’ work. It’s the best of both worlds because not only do I get to teach them something, but also I get to see them learning it for the first time.

Christina Bertucchi, Upper School Visual Arts Teacher and Department Chair, P '33

Did you know over 70% of CWA’s faculty and staff during the last year made one-time, annual, or monthly gifts to CWA? 

Why? Well, who better to answer that question than the faculty and staff themselves:

I give to the Annual Fund because I believe CWA does a wonderful job of providing a well-rounded liberal arts education. All of our students receive a broad exposure to academics, the arts and athletics.

Gil LeFrancois, Upper School Math Teacher and Department Co-Chair, P '10 & '14


By signing on as a sponsor or an advertiser, you play a leadership role in helping CWA continue its mission to inspire active, joyful learning while nurturing and challenging our students.

Partner with us today to become an all-school sponsor and learn how we can work together to promote your business while you make a significant difference in our students’ lives.


Learn more about our sponsorship opportunities by contacting Director of Development Laura Rose at (253) 620-8315 or lrose@charleswright.org.

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